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Skin conditions , foggy mood and Digestive issues “Poor Gut Health?”

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

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Skin conditions , foggy mood

and Digestive issues “Poor Gut Health?”

This is something that I couldn’t get out of my head and started doing some big digging .

To start out my son who was born July 4th 2019 has been Diagnosed with “ASD” Autism spectrum disorder. The reason why that is important to this article will make sense to you shortly .

So with my sons diagnoses came a lot of research ABA therapy , speech therapy, occupational therapy

All the things that the DR. Recommended but one thing we had to figure out for ourselves was

DIET and GUT health . Poor diet aka: Mac n cheese , fast food , candy , red 40 …ect ect ect

Learning our son and his eating habits there are a lot of things we now know not to provide him.

We tried a few different “diets” Gluten free . dairy free , vegan none of them seem to help.

So we ended up with All natural All Organic as the base for what he eats and even found a few

Candy items and Juices that fit the bill.

(by the way if you ever have questions about this feel free to email me , I know a lot of parents struggle , especially when their children have a diagnoses)

Well something that we learned is that with the foods we provide him he only eats XYZ of the

Food so we found a Great supplement that we put in his juice .

This supplement provides the needed vitamins that any growing child needs and doesn’t receive through the food that they choose to eat! We noticed some very amazing changes in his attitude and

Personality once we figure all these things out!

Now I know this is a Blog for Doggies so this leads me to the articles headline ;

Skin conditions , foggy mood and Digestive issues “Poor Gut Health?”

I have raised American , blue and rednose Pit bulls for as long as I can remember,

A very common issue I ran into was they have very sensitive skin .

With this issue of Hot spots and scabbing due to scratching and itching being prevalent

In my past with all my Pitties I always had to switch their Diet to a Grain free Diet.

Recently my Pups Vet explained to me that the Grain free diets for dogs are

Very hard on their hearts and can lead to shorter life spans. So Back to the Drawing board

Aka the interweb, books and research. I would make a switch slowly to another diet and

Digestibility became an issue which comes with diarrhea and signs of poor digestion “SMELLY”

So I started looking into more than just food next like we did with my Son,

What vitamins or supplements could we use? There has been some studies I followed and

After doing my homework I implemented the work of these studies in my pups diet and

I have seen some very commendable results.

Here are some links to the research that

I have done that I hope will get your brain thinking about your dog’s diet.

Next was to find something that meets the criteria of what these studies laid out .

First things first I had to find a meal that my pup could eat he likes dry food soaked in water

So we found a dry food at our local pet supply that had ingredients that saw fit to feed our

Dog with very few fillers . {the first 5-6 items in the ingredients list should be the desired

Ingredients } after that like we did with my son we looked to the supplements, there are a few

Out there that seemed credible here is a list of what I found that may work.

and many others.

In the end we landed on Wild Belly a Product produced by a Retired Vet/surgeon

{this is what we decided}

you may want to try the others we liked that it was bacon flavored powder that we could sprinkle right into his food.

Since doing a little more homework on Jacksons Diet he seems to have more healthy energy

Scratching seems not existent and his bowel movements are seeming to be healthy and solid.

I know talking about Poop isn’t the greatest topic in the world but it is a Key factor in your dogs gut health being a high priority of signs for concern as well as skin conditions , scabbing , itching and mood

These Prevent the best quality of life for a creature that looks to you for EVERYTHING..

Please do some research before making any choices regarding your dogo's diet but please consider that the easy option is not always the best option.

Thank you for Reading

Samuel M

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