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Jackson's Journey

I adopted Jackson when he was 8 weeks old ,

I was living with my now wife and with it just being the two of us our nest felt empty .

So we decided to go to our local shelters to rescue specifically looking to bring home a pitbull a very in need breed . During this time oct/nov of 2017 the fires here in Northern California had gotten so bad that all of the shelters had moved all rescue dogs out of the area . This starts my journey I jumped on my computer and started searching for the end of the internet where I stumbled across a listing for 

“Pitskies” after saying what the heck is a “pitskie” I checked it out and found my

Beautiful boy staring at me .

We lived in an apartment and Jackson was so young that I had to take him to work with me because he couldn’t be alone due to his love of talking(howling) and we hadn’t told the apartment complex about him yet . Very quickly he grew as attached to me as I to him , but just because he loved me and I him did not mean that he behaved properly I thought it was just him needing obedience training but it turns

Out he’s such a smart and strong mix of breeds 

That he needed quite a bit more than what I could offer him alone it was a whole new journey for me . Once my work stated that Jackson is getting to large to keep brining him to the office I had to figure out how to help him grow in a fast way . Jackson is now 5 years old and is one of the Best behaved , intelligent , gentle and loving 

Pups I have ever meet let alone have ever  had . We went on a journey together and it’s a true match made in heaven . I couldn’t of asked for more.
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