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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

is my dog happy - dna strand

Are you ever thinking to yourself I wish I could read my dogs mind?

Well I can’t help you with that but a great way to get insight on

What your dog wants better yet wat your dog needs is to get a

History lesson on your dog .Unless you have a pure bred with paperwork breed. We are all assuming we know exactly what our Loved ones with four legs are .

how many times do you hear oh she is a Lab-mix or a Pit-mix .

Well if you only know half the information how do you provide a full and proper parenting plan for your baby.

Most breeds come from different parts of the world with different terrain and living habitats.

Just like Flowers need different PH levels and different amounts of sun and water.

Dog breeds need different pet plans for optimal growth and quality of life.

Doing a DNA test to find out exactly what your breed is and what mixes

are intertwined in the DNA of your Pup, can give amazing guidance into the research and development you should be pursuing for your baby. This can provide a good out look on.

Your pet's behavior and temperament.

What is temperament?

“an animal's personality, makeup, disposition, or nature. A longer definition of temperament is “individual differences in behavior that are biologically based.”

Knowing your dog breeds temperament can help provide early intervention on what type of training you should be doing with them.

What will make them most happy and allow them to be social and loving in any environment because of your early intervention on their genetic short cummings.

How big or small they might be.

This is a Big one as the parent of this little creature ( if testing when young) to know, think if you got a pup that you were told was X and was supposed to be a small to medium breed and as your pup grew older, he/she also grew way passed the size expectancy of the breed you were told

That he/she was. being able to plan ahead properly allows for more flexibility in budgeting preparation for living space and advanced insight on needed equipment.

Health risks they may face in the future.

Many breeds have genetic disorders that come into play as they age.

For example larger dogs are more known for stomachs flipping after eating and may need to be fed at a much slower pace than a little dog .

Also if your dogs genetics show that your breed is more likely to have heart disease wouldn’t you like to take ever pre-emptive step to give your pet the best quality of life including longer live spans?

What if your dogs breed is know for having joint issues which left un treated could lead to costly surgeries or aches and pains permanently if left untreated.

These are just a few ideas a few of MANY things that DNA testing could give you insight on.

Details on their traits.

Dog breeds tend to have signature traits: Border collies love to herd, greyhounds love to chase, and German shepherds make good guard dogs. There’s a reason for that: Traits like these are highly heritable, according to a study of 101 dog breeds that identifies genetic differences in behavior.

Knowing your dogs traits can help you decide which activities they may

Prefer and gravitate to allowing you to make memorable moments with

Your fur baby where you both enjoy and bond together.

Events for your dog like this provide a stimulation for them that produces a happy Boy/Girl happiness in anything leads to better life quality and life span.


Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to " keep on going!"

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