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Don't Let Your Bestie
Fall Behind

Develop Your Fur Baby's Hidden Intelligence

Through love and proper Dog training


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A Little About Jackson

Early in my journey with Jackson he had separation anxiety. When he was just a Pup we would try to have him sleep in the living room at night and you could hear his puppy cry from across the apartment . for a while I had to sleep on the couch next to him in order for him to fall asleep . its during this time Jackson found his voice and learned to Howl .

It wasn't long before Jackson got to big and we had decided to move from our apartment to a 3 bedroom house with a yard. This is where the digging and chewing really became noticeable . potty training was a very simple process for him but I could not figure out why he seemed so miss behaved !

He became an escape artist next and this is where I started my path to

find a Solution. There is a lot of great things on the web such as

Dog Star Daily  for research. I recommend doing all your home work

before making a decision regarding your babys future.

dog training or pet training can be a long and tedious rd with out proper navigation

My name is Sam and boy oh boy do I have one Amazing , beautiful and loving Baby . his name is Jackson and he is a mix of  a Husky and Pitbull

so not only does he love to DIG , HOWL and have to much ENERGY but he was to SMART for his own good and I needed serious dog training.

is my dog depressed - dog training
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